Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Everyone Asks Where did Tsunami Go?

I am Surprised if any one cannot see Tusnami even by now
Tusnami is everywhere, at all places ………..
 The rigging and echoes of unfair elections have amplified the impact of tsunami all over the country

Pakistan is a dynamic country; every region and province having a different kind of dynamics, at some places feudals rule at other places the fear factor and in some regions it is the kinship and biradari system that works…..
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) emerged as a party with a National Agenda without any regional slogan. Tusnami party rejected politics of inheritance; superficial economic growth, flawed, inadequate and a confused foreign policy. Not undermining the premise that worsening economic environment and poor law and order situation also helped the party to gain its popularity all across the country. This is the first time that the country saw a party with the intermediate stance between left and right wing; The left wing of this country should not forget that majority of this country are practicising Muslims and desire to have policies reflective of their sentiments ; that’s the new reality of this country they should accept instead of referring to decade of 60’s and 70’s again and again, on the other hand the extreme right wing should acknowledge that this country is a country of Muslims not where religion can be used only to fool people. The Country has Awaken now…….
The awakened nation has shown their presence in every province/region in accordance to its own cultural dynamics. In KPK; following its tradition rejected the poor performance /governance and gave a clear mandate for the change to a new party , PTI. In Karachi (Sindh), apparently MQM won seats but here the change has shown itself in its own manner ; unexpectedly MQM was given a tough time by PTI and despite all rigging and unfairness even in MQM dominated constituencies, PTI candidate got considerable number of votes, averaging 30 thousand. Coming to Punjab, PPP was fully washed out and Tusnami emerged as a second big  power (here the rigging was quite well planned with the help of establishment and our own dear army) and in Baluchistan, the situation is still not clear.
BUT the true reflection of this Tusnami was in peaceful sit-ins in Karachi and Lahore on the very next day of elections. While talking to my brother on Election evening (who is a diehard supporter of PTI) he discussed that PTI is in bad situation for the fact that there had been rigging and also the fact that the party Chairman was in hospital, so may be nothing could be done. And the very next day people were amazed with the way  PTI Tusnami  was on roads in different cities protesting against unfair elections . Karachi for sure I know that this protest of the very second day was not demanded by the party rather the supporters themselves gathered and protested against the corrupt system
Hats off to them….
Hats Off to their courage to resist the wrong …….
Hats off to PTI for involving youth in the democratic process ……..
PTI/Imran's Tusnami does not need to be in lower and upper houses…….
PTI Wanted To Empower The Youth With Democratic Awareness.......
 That’s The Change Imran Wanted To Bring And That’s What Everybody Can See Now.......
Three cheers for PTI & Three Cheers for Imran Khan 

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  1. Hi Bush, this is better fora than many other social network sites and your arguments make much more sense. keep writing.
    Also say some thing about the future of PTI. Personally, tsunami is very destructive word and associated with death. Why do'nt you propose some new metaphor for PTI's important political and social movement.